With the growing interest of potential home buyers from China looking to purchase real estate properties in the United States, we are now offering Chinese advertisement services for US real estate firms. Details below:

We provide the following services to you:

1. Translation and Localization of Your Website in Chinese

This is one of the most economic ways to attract potential Chinese home buyers. Most of them will research and read US real estate market information online first. Then they will contact agents for more information. Translation of key information of your website into Chinese is essential of your marketing efforts.

The translation cost will be $0.35/source word.

2. Translation of Your Advertisement into Chinese

We will also be translating your advertisement into Chinese at $0.35/source word.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Your Chinese Content

When people search keywords like "location" + "real estate" in Chinese, we can help you to make your content on top of Google's Chinese search results. Please contact us for more information.

4. Google Adwords Account Management

We will also be managing your Google Adwords account to target people who read simplified and traditional Chinese. The cost will be $90/month.

5. Advertisement on Soufun.com

Soufun.com is the largest Internet real estate portal in China. Advertising on its website will be billed at cost plus 10% agency fee. Also see Soufun Real Estate Marketing Agent

6. Inbound Chinese Phone Translation Service

We will be providing a local telephone number for them to call. When callers call a China local telephone number, our Chinese speaking representative will take down their phone number and contact information. Then, we will forward the list to you. Last, a three way conference call will be conducted at an agreed time between your firm’s real estate agent, the potential home buyer from China, and our Chinese translator.

Chinese local telephone number will be provided at $50/month. Chinese speaking representative service will be charged at $10 per phone call. Chinese phone translation service will be charged at $2/minute.

Please contact us should you have more questions.

Also see Soufun Real Estate Marketing Agent