Among the four methods of marketing, print, television, radio, and the Internet, depending on the type of products or services, a company can consider using a combination of them to market to Chinese Americans. Roughly, we can divide the four types of media and their targeted groups of Chinese Americans as follows:

1. Chinese Newspapers

Most of the people who read Chinese newspapers are those who have a lot of time, and either who are in their senior ages or people who are looking for jobs. Most of this group of Chinese Americans do not speak English well, and are depended on Chinese media to give them information and guide. Depending on the newspaper, the purchasing power of this group of Chinese Americans can be extremely powerful or insignificant.

2. Chinese TV

People who watch Chinese TV are mostly housewives, or working people who wish their children to have Chinese listening and speaking abilities. For consumer products, or new products, it is probably the best to market them on Chinese televisions. The purchasing power of this group of Chinese Americans are normally very powerful if you are talking about Chinese Cable TV (or Chinese Satellite TV), or not very good if you are talking about free TVs. (Yes, those who have Chinese Cable TVs or Chinese Satellite TVs don't watch Chinese free TVs).

3. Chinese Radios

People who listen to Chinese radios are normally those who drive to work but are not very good at understanding English. This group of Chinese Americans normally are vehicle owners and listen to news and talk shows and interviews. In Los Angeles, Chinese radio stations are owned by one company, making the company a monopoly. Therefore, the advertisement prices can be very high.

4. Chinese Websites

In my article "Chinese Internet Marketing", I suggested not to advertise directly on Chinese websites as a lot of Chinese websites use tricks to increase their visibility. I still hold the same point of view. Instead, hire a Chinese advertising agency to do that for you, as they will be more knowledgeable than you to know which websites to advertise on.

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