Chinese Media Guide is a comprehensive guide on overseas Chinese media. It contains a complete list and descriptions of major overseas Chinese newspaper, Chinese TV stations, Chinese radio stations, and Chinese websites.

As Los Angeles and New York have the most Chinese population and a variety of Chinese media, we decide to list them separately.

Definition of Overseas Chinese Media:

We define overseas Chinese media as any form of media whose major audience is outside of Mainland China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. Thus, our Chinese media list includes those of the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

List of Overseas Chinese Newspapers

We list major subscription based overseas Chinese newspapers. We shall not include freely distributed Chinese newspapers if there are other subscription based newspapers in the same locality. In order to be considered as a major Chinese newspaper, the newspaper has to have at least 5 years of history if there are other newspapers in the same locality.

Currently, we divide our listing of overseas Chinese newspapers into the following categories:

List of Chinese TV Stations

We list mainstream Chinese language television stations outside of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan that have high ratings and have cooperative relationship with news agencies or TV stations of Mainland China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. We shall divide them into the following categories:

Also see the Official China Media Guide (A Complete Listing of Media Approved by the Central and Local Governments of the People's Republic of China)